2 Ton Platform Electric Pallet Truck Brand New

Merchandise Details


  1. AC driving
  2. CZPTed pump station
  3. Automatic deceleration in flip, lifting electrical limit.
  4. EPS electric steering
  5. Leg width adjustable
  6. Vibration attenuation
  7. Battery aspect shift.

Risk-free & Successful

  1. Curtis driving controller and Curtis steering controller make the procedure stable and efficient.
  2. Automated restrict of the lifting cargo, a lot more protection.
  3. AC motor, stepless speed adjustment, higher electricity silent and protected. Higher toughness and security forming fork tip enhance operation protection.

Adaptable & Practical

  1. Brushless AC driving motor, cost-free servicing.
  2. Automatic limiting speed in confront of switch tends to make comfortable procedure.
  3. Big area detachable pedal, sufficient space, cozy driving.
  4. Carefully-tuned overall performance parameters make the driving action CZPT block and comfortable.

Outstanding Functionality

  1. Electromagnetic, regenerative braking technique.
  2. With patented floating design and style of driving unit of the vibration damping impact is better.
  3. Large ability battery, perhaps to be taken out on aspect or hanging out.
  4. Crisis reverse path, unexpected emergency brake swap and electric electricity steering system, preserve effort.
  5. Walkie variety, standing sort, and turtle velocity can meet up with all kinds of scenario.

CZPT Parameters

Travel CZPT
Operator variety Pedestrian(stand on)
Load potential/rated load : Q(kg) 2000
Load centre distance C(mm) 600
Load distance(lifted) x(mm) 898
Wheelbase Y(mm) 1396/1332
Support fat kg 720
Axle loading, laden, front/rear kg 1175/1545
Axle loading, unladen, front/rear kg 580/one hundred forty
Tyres Type Polyurethane
Wheel dimensions, front 230*eighty
Wheel dimensions, rear eighty*70
Additional wheels 125*fifty
Wheels, amount entrance/rear (x=pushed wheels) 1*-two/4
Monitor width, front b10(mm) 493
Keep track of width, rear B11(mm) 395(515)
Elevate peak h3(mm) one hundred twenty
Top of tiller, in drive situation, Min. /Max h14(mm) 1410/1042
Top, fork reduced h13(mm) eighty five
All round duration. L1(mm) 1805
Duration to experience of forks L2(mm) 354
General width b1(mm) 740
Fork proportions s/e/l(mm) 60/170/1150
Width throughout forks b5(mm) 560(685)
Floor clearance, centre of wheelbase m2(mm) 18
Aisle width for pallets 1000mmx 1200mm crossways Ast(mm) 2044/2538
Aisle width for pallets 800mm x 1200mm lengthwise Ast(mm) 2093/2587
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1598/2083
Travel pace, laden/unladen Km/h 6.eight/7.
Raise pace, laden/unladen m/s .026/.030
Lowering speed, laden/unladen m/s .032/.571
Max. gradeability, laden/unladen % 5/twelve
Support brake Electromagnetic
Generate motor electrical power Kw one.5
Carry motor electricity Kw .eight
Battery voltage/rated ability V/Ah 24/210
Battery weight Kg 195
Other individuals    
Type of driving management AC
Audio amount at the driver’ sear accordingtoDN12053 dB(A) 70


2 Ton Platform Electric Pallet Truck Brand New