Plate Evaporator for Chemical Brine Seawater Acid Concentration

Plate Evaporator for Chemical Brine Seawater Acid Concentration

Product category

  • Refrigerant: Ammonia
  • Materials of pipe section: total very hot-dip zinc metal pipe phase, or aluminum pipe phase
  • Framework kind of installation: ceiling mounted, floor-assembled, Splicing assembled
  • Essential wind outer path: induced kind and force sort

Item framework

The enclosure is made of higher quality galvanized steel plates and has extremely very good corrosion resistance. The air port is stretched by the supporter foundation plate into a bell mouth, thus not only growing the rigidity of the air port but also making certain clean air movement and modest resistance reduction.


  1. Aluminum tubes and aluminum fins are characterized by mild bodyweight and rapidly warmth conduction. CZPTed specific equipment is employed for expanded link of fins with heat trade tubes, and they are in tight make contact with, thus noticing little thermal speak to resistance and substantial heat trade effectiveness.
  2. Metal tubes and steel fins are sizzling-dip galvanized integrally, have strong corrosion resistance and can receive lengthier support life. Fins and heat exchange tubes are handled making use of integral very hot-dip galvanizing method and the zinc coating thickness is
    .06-.10mm, so that they from an integral heat exchanger component. In addition, improve tube within style, lessen resistance and guarantee very higher warmth transfer efficiency.
    The fin mixture manner with consistent fin spacing and variable fin spacing is employed, hence much better establishing the warmth transfer performance of the air cooler in numerous environment. The body of coil is very hot-dip galvanized integrally and hence has large energy and great corrosion resistance.   


Fins have massive measurement and wavy kind integrally, hence acknowledging high warmth trade effectiveness and also making for sanitary disposal. Aluminum fins use the fin type combining stretched and heightened neck rings with constant fin spacing steel fins use a particular coronal framework for consistent spacing so as to make sure accurate positioning of fins.

Axial enthusiast and motor
The screen-safeguarded axial admirer is characterized by high effectiveness, extensive optional
range of air quantity and wind stress, stable operation and reduced noise. The blades of the enthusiast are created of die-casting aluminum alloy, as a result acknowledging both light-weight excess weight and great corrosion resistance. The new blade design and style makes aerodynamic efficiency better. The protective amount of the admirer motor is IP55 and its applicable temperature variety -40ºC -40ºC .


Cooling tank and water pan
Both the cooling tank and the water pan are made of higher high quality galvanized steel plates and have really excellent corrosion resistance. The cooling tank created with a mesh h2o spraying manner is characterized by uniform water spraying, no blind spot, high defrosting speed and modest h2o usage. The h2o pan is demountable, thus making for cleansing and guaranteeing sanitation. The shielding board in between the cooling tank and the water pan effectively prevents h2o from splashing exterior.

Product description

Outside drawing of DAA series substantial-efficiency ceiling-mounted air cooler, aluminum tubes and aluminum fins (two enthusiast)


Plate Evaporator for Chemical Brine Seawater Acid Concentration