Shearing Feeder Machine Intelligent Plate Shearing Production Line

HBSL -2500PL  HBSL -3000PL
HBSL -4000PL  HBSL -6000PL
two.Dimension of tools:

3200mm×1650mm×800mm   4500mm×11350mm×700mm
3900mm×2000mm×1300mm   3300mm×1800mm×900mm
three.Regions of application
Slicing strip, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, and so on

four.Product Introduction
The automation production line is made and produced according to the perform required and the on-web site doing work environment.By means of the handle of the robotic movement controller, it can understand the method of automatic production these kinds of as automatic layering, computerized substance having, automatic substance feeding, automatic slicing and computerized conveying and can complete the Whole process automatic generation,It can effectively assure solution quality, improve generation performance and minimize manufacturing cost.The complete system has a great running interface, effortless to use.


Plate Resources   (Stainless metal)
 Carbon Metal
 aluminium plate
Maximum feeding plate thickness mm 6
Maximum workpiece excess weight Kg three hundred
Greatest feeding plate measurement mm 4000×1500
Minimum feeding plate dimensions mm 2500×1250

6.Functional description
Step1: The forklift will move the raw resources to the cell system, electrical feeding to the greedy manipulator station.

Step 2: The automatic feeder makes use of the vacuum suction cup to grab the materials, pneumatic elevate and servo feed to the nc plate shearing feeder station to feed the content to the feeding desk.

Step 3: The CNC shearing plate feeder will automatically align the substance in the left and right instructions, and the pneumatic clamp will press CZPT to clamp the plate (immediately determine the origin), and proceed to walk to the shearing station of the shearing device.

Step 4: The plate shearing machine and the shearing plate feeder synchronously lower the plate with fixed dimension and high precision

Stage 5: The nc feeder returns to the starting up point. The computerized feeder has picked up and operate the resources to the feeder for the 2nd cycle feeding and cutting.

Stage 6: The electric conveyor delivers the concluded product to the stacker for stacking

Action 7: When the material reaches the restrict height, the item plate shall be removed by the crane or forklift.

seven.Construction and qualities

·Raw content platform

The successful supporting dimension of the content system is 2500*2500, and the powerful bearing ability is ten tons
·Automatic feeding part
one.The automated feeder adopts the doorway lifting mechanism (the optimum plate excess weight is about 300KG) to make certain the lifting stability.Part of automatic feeder adopts pneumatic lift, vacuum pump and vacuum suction cup to get materials, good security, large value efficiency.
2.The energy element is driven by servomotor, large precision rack and pinion transmission, linear sq. rail positioning, making certain higher load and high stability.

nc feeder component

The base bracket of large responsibility feeder is composed of welded composite body of tube plate, with easy floor, easy and easy, and the bottom body is altered freely by changing bolt up and down, which is convenient for flexible installation and has the benefits of good balance.

The longitudinal shifting shaft is situated by the specific linear square rail, and it is machined by the bearing steel good grinding, quenched and tempered earlier mentioned sixty two degrees, which has the advantages of sleek and wear-resistant, guaranteeing the precision and higher bearing potential.

The servo motor adopts the latest ASIC chip as the main computing device, and the motor push adopts the latest intelligent power module IPM.It has a collection of positive aspects, these kinds of as higher integration, tiny volume, quick impact pace, perfect defense operate and high reliability, which is most ideal for the cooperation of the machine.
handle section
    CPU handle portion: the manage centre composed of ipc control circuit, Liquid crystal display exhibit, proximity switch and other elements of the tools is also the core component.It has the benefits of advanced structure and straightforward operation.

     The mechanical system of the feeding program is created by 3-dimensional reliable style application.The mechanical construction is adaptable, light-weight and effortless to handle.According to the requirements of the feeding method to the handle system, the open standard movement management architecture of Laptop is adopted to construct an open, portable and extensible intelligent handle method.

   The device adopts the technique of mechanical layout, combining with electrical management method design and style, combining components style with software design and style, and combining theoretical analysis with simulation experiment,Following satisfactory benefits are acquired, they shall be applied to apply.


Shearing Feeder Machine Intelligent Plate Shearing Production Line