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Queen King Size Motor Adjustable Bed Modern Electric Adjustable Bed Base with Remote Control

Product Description

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Jiecang is committed to becoming the world’s leading provider of linear drive solutions, creating smart and healthy emerging technologies to help partners succeed and drive a better and high-quality life.


Q1: Do you get the relevant certifications?
A1: We have passed the CE.UL.RCM.KC.ETL.

Q2: How about the warranty of adjustable bed?
A2: 10-year frame warranty,2-year motor warranty,1-year parts and labor warranty.

Q3: May I have a sample order before bulk one?
A3: Of course, we can provide a sample for you.

Q4: Can I print my logo in adjustable bed?
A4: Yes, we understand fully and please send your company logo with order.

Q5: How about the after service ?
A5: We will send out the product or parts by free with cutsomer’s order by sea if the problem caused from us ,also we will send parts by DHL if the problem is urgent.

Suitable for: Adult
Size: Double
Style: Modern
Kind: Adjustable Bed
Material: Metal
Folded: Folded
US$ 699/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




How do motor bases contribute to ease of maintenance for electric motors?

Motor bases play a significant role in facilitating ease of maintenance for electric motors. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Accessibility: Motor bases provide easy access to the motor for maintenance purposes. They offer a stable and secure platform that allows technicians to reach the motor quickly and perform routine tasks such as inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and belt adjustments. Motor bases with open designs or removable covers further enhance accessibility by providing unobstructed access to critical motor components.

2. Adjustability: Many motor bases are adjustable, allowing for precise positioning and alignment of the motor. This adjustability simplifies maintenance procedures as it enables technicians to align the motor shaft with the driven equipment accurately. Proper alignment helps reduce wear, vibration, and energy loss, ultimately improving the motor’s performance and extending its lifespan.

3. Vibration Reduction: Motor bases often incorporate features that help dampen vibrations generated by the motor. Excessive vibrations can lead to premature wear and damage to both the motor and surrounding equipment. Motor bases equipped with vibration isolation pads or mounts absorb and dissipate vibrations, reducing stress on the motor and minimizing the need for frequent maintenance or repairs.

4. Easy Removal and Replacement: In some situations, it may be necessary to remove the motor from its base for more extensive maintenance or repairs. Motor bases are designed to facilitate the removal and replacement of motors as needed. They typically provide mounting features that allow for straightforward disconnection and reconnection of the motor, saving time and effort during maintenance activities.

5. Documentation and Labeling: Motor bases often include labeling or documentation areas where relevant information can be recorded. This documentation can include motor identification details, installation dates, maintenance schedules, and torque specifications. Having this information readily available on the motor base simplifies maintenance planning, tracking, and troubleshooting.

6. Compatibility with Accessories: Motor bases are often designed to be compatible with various accessories that aid in maintenance. These accessories may include cable management systems, drip pans for fluid containment, or mounting brackets for additional components. The compatibility of the motor base with such accessories enhances ease of maintenance by providing integrated solutions that support efficient and organized maintenance practices.

By incorporating these features and considerations, motor bases contribute to the ease of maintenance for electric motors. They provide accessibility, adjustability, vibration reduction, and easy removal options, simplifying routine maintenance tasks and ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of electric motors.

China OEM Queen King Size Motor Adjustable Bed Modern Electric Adjustable Bed Base with Remote Control   vacuum pump booster	China OEM Queen King Size Motor Adjustable Bed Modern Electric Adjustable Bed Base with Remote Control   vacuum pump booster
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