Product Description

Product Description

Product name: 3 Tons Per Day Used Motor Oil Recycling Machine To Recycle Base Oil

Waste oil usually collected from machinery, vehicles,

ships etc. which color is black and very dirty. Because

the waste oil contains too much contamination,

including non-hydrocarbon, alkene, polycyclic aromatic

hydrocarbon, metal hydronium, impurities, metal

particles, asphaltene and colloid etc. thereby it is

harmful for the lubricating system and car engine etc,

waste oil lost it’s control friction which have to be


Transitional way to recycling the waste oil is by acid

way, which will produces much waste sludge, bad smell,

non-friendly environment, and the produced base oil is

not purity, and it is easily oxidized. Many countries

forbid the acid way. So our company researches the

new waste oil vacuum distilling machine (JZC waste oil

distillation machine), it is special for distilling and

regenerating the black waste lube oil, including waste

engine oil, lube oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, dirty diesel

oil, mixed oils etc.This equipment adopts

physicochemical way to polymerize, passivity, absorb,

eliminate impurities and harmful contaminations. JZC

waste oil distillation machine heat the waste oil to

(from 110ºC to 350ºC) different temperature under

high vacuum condition, making Hydrocarbon

molecules break out, and re-order combination,

forming diesel oil, lubricating base oil etc. JZC machine

is very suitable for the small oil refinery company, also

for the small oil company who want to make the oil by



1.Safty design, during the working process, raw materials oil is always flowing and flashing between

the distillation tank and heating system, there is no any coking happen in the pipes and tanks, so the

system is 100% safty, and long life time.

2.There are optional ways to heat the oil, like the boiler way by using fuel, natural gas or coal. Also, if

machine is small capacity, we can use the electric heating way.

3.By using the high vacuum distilling way, so the distilling temperature is low, energy saving and safety.

4.Using the special chemicals to catalyze the waste oil, which makes sure the final diesel oil, gasoline oil and base oil are good anti-oxidation with good color, there is no bad odor. The final oil can be storage for 1 year without color change and odor change.

5.Oil cooler system adopts the SS304, which has the good heating exchange function, long life time.

6.Environmental friendly, there is only 5% of the oil residual under the distilling kettle, which can be

use as the boiler heavy fuel, so there is no pollution.

7. The final oil is high purity; gasoline/diesel oil and lube base oil be loaded in different oil tanks.

8.Machine design life is more than 20 years, long working life time.

9.Easy operation, only 1 or 2 workers can operate the machine.

Product Parameters

Index Unit JZC-1 JZC-3 JZC -5 JZC -10
Capacity Ton / day 1 3 5 10
Recovery ratio % Above 93%
Working pressure MPa ≤ 0.4
Working vacuum MPa -0.08 ~ -0.571
Working Temperature ºC 80-350
Working Noise dB (A) 75
Power supply V 380v, 50hz, 3Phase (Or According user demand)
Heating way  

Electromagnetic / Electric Heater or boiler

( fuel, natural gas or coal)

Pump Motor Power kW 10 18 20 25
Working Size M 5*2.5*4 7*2.8*4.5 8*3.2*5 15*4*6

Recovery rate:

Final products Ratio Percentages Distillation temperature Vacuum Value
Water 2%

80 ºC -110 ºC

Gasoline and diesel 8%

120 ºC -210 ºC

Light base oil 40%

220 ºC -290 ºC

50~500 Pa

Heavy base oil (Viscosity ≥SN150 ) 45%

300 ºC -350 ºC

50~500 Pa

Oil Residual 5%    
Total 100%    


Packaging & Shipping

We promise that each machine will be inspected by professional engineers before shipment to ensure that the machine does not have any quality problems. And it will be shipped only after getting your permission.

Company Profile

Service Commitment:
ZheJiang CHINAMFG ELECTROMECHANICAL CO.,LTD will always adhere to the business philosophy of “Responsible for product, Responsible for user, Responsible for sell”, keep the faith to create the national brand, keep innovation, keep improving and keep making the high quality oil purifier&oil filtration products with first-class after-service for getting the customer’s trust and love. Really build a new CHINAMFG in Brand-NAKIN with customers.

Certificates & Honors:
China Famous Brand Oil Purifier Company
Golden-supplier for China National Electric Power Group
ISO9001 products quality certificate
CE Products safety certificate
SGS Products local testing report
More than 15 years and 50 countries and districts exporting experience
Multiple Product Options (Contact me to see more details)

1. Ultra-High Voltage Transformer Oil Purifier
2. Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
3. CHINAMFG Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
4. ZYM Trailer-Type Insulating Oil Purifier
5. AD Air Dryer
6. TY Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier
7. TYA Lubricating Oil Purifier
8. TYF Multifunctional Oil Purifier
9. TJ Coalescing And Separating Oil Purifier
10. Cooking Oil Purifier/Cooking Oil Regeneration Device
11. Waste Engine Oil Refinery Plant/Waste Engine Oil Regeneration System
12.CXJ Disc-centrifugal Oil Purifier
13.LY Plate-Press Oil Purifier
14.LUC Portable Oil Purifier
15.Oil Tester
16.Oil Purifier’s Spare Parts

Our Advantages


There are some differences in design between our machine and the other suppliers. 

1.First of all, our machine comes with a Macleod vacuum gauge meter so you can test the vacuum system when starting the machine.
2.Secondly, our machine is equipped with a circulation oil pump, if your machine does not have such an oil pump, it is easy to coking in distillation tank. 
3.Thirdly, our cooler is stainless steel, it’s long life time. As the cooler is strong, some oil gas will not go out from vacuum pump, so you will not smell oil gas when you work the machine.
4.At last, we have insulation layer on the distillation tank. So you can keep oil temperature, it can save energy. You will not take much electricity when you heating oil.

Successful Projects

Currently our waste engine oil vacuum distillation machines have been sold to Honduras, Panama, Mexico, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Greece, Turkey, Mongolia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Cameroon, CHINAMFG d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Ghana etc.
Welcome to our customer’s factory to visit the machine



Question 1. What can we get from your waste oil vacuum distillation machine?
Answer: After the distillation, you can get more than 8% gasoline oil&diesel oil, and 85% base oils( SN150, SN350, SN500). 

Question 2. What is your heating methods? 
A: Electromagnetic / Electric Heater or Boiler( fuel, natural gas or coal)

Question 3. What is the machine operating steps?
A: 1.The first step is to filter out the water, gas and impurities in the waste oil with the plate press oil purifier.
2.In the second step, sodium hydroxide is added to the waste oil to play the role of flocculation and precipitation, and filter out the impurities in the waste oil. The waste oil is then transferred to the distillation tower, where it is distilled at (from 110ºC to 350ºC) different temperature range under high vacuum condition to obtain the gasoline oil, diesel oil and base oil SN150, SN350, SN500.
3.The third step is to refine the base oil with silica gel to remove the asphaltenes, colloids and impurities from the oil and make the base oil of good quality. It can be storage for 1 year without color change and odor change.
(If you need more details, please feel free to contact me via the contact details below.)

Question 4. How about your delivery time?
A: Generally, for a 1 ton per day machine, it will take about 30 working days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the capacities and the quantity of your order. 

Question 5. Can you customized goods for us?
A: Yes, we support customization, for example, we can make your logo on the machine, etc.

Question 6. If you have any inspection or test for your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we do the inspection and test before finished goods. More importantly, we will only arrange delivery after getting your permission.
Question 7. Can we visit your factory?
A: Yes, we warmly welcome your visiting, and can pick you up at airport or train station.


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Certification: ISO9001, CE, SGS
Application: Turbine Oil, Lubricant Oil, Transformer Oil, Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Dirty Diesel Oil
Voltage: 380V 50Hz,3pH (or According to User Demand)
Folw Rate: 3 Tons Per Day (Customized)
Product Name: Waste Black Engine Oil Recycling Plant
Key Words: Lubricants Engine Oil Plant


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China supplier 3 Tons Used Motor Oil Recycling Machine to Recycle Base Oil   vacuum pump oil	China supplier 3 Tons Used Motor Oil Recycling Machine to Recycle Base Oil   vacuum pump oil
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