ANP Series 0.75~500kw Three Phase Asynchronous Electric Motor Small base and high power



ANP series three-phase asynchronous motor is specially designed for Russia market, whose terminal box locates on the top of motor.The motor has a very compact structure and attractive appearance, the sizes and mounting dimensions are all in conformity with Gost standard GOST R 51689. Features:high efficiency, energy-saving, little noise, high starting torque, reasonable price, easy
construction etc Application:drilling machines, pumps, fans, mixer, transport machines, food machines, agriculture machines and equipments, etc. Unsuited to be used in that place where combustible, explosive or corrosive gas exist and other special requirements forbidden.Equipped with re-greasing system when the frame size is 160MM and above.Can be equipped with PTC Labeling
Standards Series Code + Frame Size + Iron Core Length No. + Motor Poles Example: A N P 90 L – 2 ANP -means Russia Gost three phase electric motors 90一the second part means the height of motor center (when the motor has no foot, it is same to motor with foot) L一the third part means the base iron core length no.(S-Short Base, M-Medium Base, L-Long Base) 2-the forth part means the motor
poles, this is a 2 poles motor, synchronous speed is 3000 r/min (50Hz)

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